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We are for making fastlove.net website visitors (which means fast dating) to find a pair as fast as possible and begin to develop relationships in real life, and not sitting on site for "empty" correspondence or flirting.

Therefore, we identified 5 most relevant goals:

Spend the evening - choose this goal if you are interested in dating for meetings without obligations. It can be either one-time or permanent meetings of romantic / intimate character.

Friendship - involves communication on the basis of common interests, joint pastime: walks around the city, to the cinema, bowling, cafes, etc., but without intimate meetings.

Serious relationships - select this goal if you want a close and intimate long-term relationships with a person with whom there will be a mutual sympathy. With favorable development of such relations you can create a family.

Family - If you are already ready for marriage and do not want to meet for a long time, then choose dating to create a family.

Travel - it is assumed that you are interested in acquaintance during the trip to other cities, countries / want to get acquainted for trips, travel.

Mark one, several or all goals depending on your desires. The
In addition to free dating you can also take advantage of services such as:
1. Ads - free dating ads are needed for some one-time purposes. For example, "who goes to karaoke this Friday," "came for the weekend to your city, I'm looking for someone to go to a cafe," etc.

2. Travel - this service allows you to publish your proposals for a trip to a resort, to another city, a country with dates and conditions, and to choose the trip that interests you among the available options.

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Julia, 27 years old, berdsk, Russia
Сергей, 39 years old, Nizjnij Novgorod, Russia
Julia, 39 years old, Portalegre, Portugal
Aleksey, 31 years old, Minsk, Belarus
Анастасия, 22 years old, Kirov, Russia
Mirabel Darpino, 37 years old, Craigavon, United Kingdom
Марина, 29 years old, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Annet, 28 years old, Kufstein, Austria
Chester, 29 years old, Agoura, USA
Helena, 25 years old, Abovyan, Armenia
Сергей, 31 years old, barnaul, Russia
joan, 33 years old, Prague, Czech Republic
Jenny, 28 years old, Limassol, Cyprus
Elena, 39 years old, Riga, Latvia
Рената, 30 years old, bz-Vladimir, Russia
Federik, 33 years old, Chatellerault, France
Алексей, 39 years old, bz-Vladimir, Russia
aliciababy, 35 years old, Salo, Finland
Mike, 30 years old, Amos, Canada
katherine, 32 years old, Las Vegas, USA
Кристина, 27 years old, Moscow, Russia
Lucas, 30 years old, Barakaldo, Spain
Kyle, 29 years old, Patos Fshat, Albania
Olga, 29 years old, Minsk, Belarus
Ольга, 28 years old, Moscow, Russia
Лия, 28 years old, bz-vladikavkaz, Russia
Maria, 29 years old, Budapest, Hungary
Georgy, 32 years old, Telavi, Georgia
Иван, 24 years old, Ufa, Russia
Аня, 30 years old, Moscow, Russia